The Pangolin Photo Challenge 2021 is judged by The Pangolin Photo Hosts and 30 top international wildlife photographers. They will also be sharing exclusive content, advice and photo tips with you throughout the challenge. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs for the best images in each challenge, an overall portfolio prize, a people’s vote as well as a lucky draw prize, which you can win a safari, just for entering an image. To join the challenge all Pangolin asks is that you make a donation (the amount is entirely up to you) to thier non-profit organization, Pangolin. Africa, which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the four African Pangolin species.

The whole participation is an online process. Please click on Apply Now to take part in 1st Annual Pangolin Photo Challenge!

  • To take part in The Pangolin Photo Challenge you must first register. You will only need to register once to take part in all the 2021 challenges.
  • There is no charging entry fee to get involved in the Pangolin Photo Challenge. Instead, Pangolin asks that you make a contribution to their non-profit organisation Pangolin. Africa to support the work they are doing to protect the favorite animal there in Africa. The amount that you contribute is entirely up to you. Whatever you can afford. This is a global challenge and they realize residents of different countries can afford different amounts. No matter what that amount is, rest assured every penny will be spent on protecting and conserving the four African pangolin species.
  • Then submit your best image among the 4 categories.

Note: The four categories have different deadlines. Please be careful with submission.  

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