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It’s with the greatest pleasure to announce the application opening of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2021.Glocal Teen Hero is a national platform that accolades teenagers and hoists them by giving an opportunity to share their initiation and creativity. It is an award dedicated to the passionate and innovative teenagers who are working to create a ripple effect in society besides their academics. Amidst the second wave of COVID 19 in Nepal; GTH Nepal shall be hosted virtually on 1st Sep, 2021. Teenagers will be recognized online and shall be provided different virtual opportunities to connect with inspirational teenagers from around the globe.


1. Should be 13 -19 years old

2. Should be a Nepalese Citizen.

3. Should have brought a positive impact in society besides academics.

To apply:

You can also nominate passionate teenagers from your community or friend circles; to support their initiation; who are creating positive changes.

To nominate:

Deadline: 30th July, 2021

*articel taken from official facebook post of Glocal Teen Hero**

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