is here with an offer to win a free luxurious month trip to an european city of your choice.

Offer deadline: June 11,2021

Winner announcement: June 30,2021

What the winner gets?

  • Spend a month in Europe on a curated trip to the city of your choice (get round trip tickets for two, if you’d like to bring a friend!)
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to Quintessentially’s luxury concierge service, and your very own Lifestyle Manager who will help plan your trip and make your every dream a reality 
  • Get a $30,000 budget to cover all your travel, including high-end hotels and VIP treatment on any trips you plan while you’re away
  • Pocket $10,000 in spending money for anything you desire day-to-day
  • Travel in style with $4,500 to spend at Louis Vuitton® before you leave

Visit official site and enter your details just by typing some of your details !

Click enter without contribution if you don’t have access to international card or paypal . A small contribution can help a lot and also increases your chance to win the offer !

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