A Golden Opportunity!!🥳Do you have any startup plans or implementation going on ? Or do you have just an idea that you believe can change the world if implemented ? If you have it, then HURRY UP !!🔊Register your idea to this international platform and get the priceless opportunities for fundings, mentorships and trainings. Deadline for registration : 12th DecemberThe best startup idea will have the opportunity to compete with the best from all the countries around the world and even win investment of around Rs.12 crore. You can be from any background from any part of the country. All the selected best ideas will be provided with special mentors and trainings here in Nepal by experts and if your idea is good enough, you’ll get mentorships from experts in Silicon Valley as well. Don’t just keep your idea in your head only. Nobody knows the value it might possess and how much recognition it might get. So, hurry up and register today. There is nothing to loose but so much to gain. We are the ones who can uplift our country. Let’s put on some effort.Grand Finale will be held in Nepal on 23rd December. Winners will fly to San Francisco USA for further competition in few months.

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